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Scented Butter & Maple Syrup Waffle Necklace Scented Bubblegum Lollipop Necklace Scented Raspberry French Macaroon Necklace
Smells like: Maple syrup waffles Smells like: Bubblegum Smells Like: Sweet raspberries with sugary vanilla
Scented Mint Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Necklace Scented Shortcake Heart Cookie Necklace Scented Snow Cone Necklace
Smells like: Mint ice-cream Smells like: Strawberry shortcake cookies Smells like: Fruity flavors, fresh and sweet
Scented Birthday Cupcake Necklace Scented Chocolate Chip Cookie Necklace Scented Apple Necklace
Smells like: Strawberry cupcakes Smells like: Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies Smells Like: Refreshing (and super realistic!) sweet apples
Scented Cinnamon Roll Necklace Scented Cotton Candy Necklace Scented Strawberry Sprinkles Donut Necklace
Smells like: Cinnamon roll Smells like: Strawberry cotton candy Smells like: Sweet strawberry glaze icing
Scented Pancake Necklace Scented Smores Necklace Scented Rainbow Cake Necklace
Smells Like: Sweet maple syrup, butter and breakfast stackā€™o pancakes Smells like: Toasted marshmallows and chocolate Smells like: Tutti Frutti Rainbow
Scented Strawberry Chocolate Cupcake Necklace Scented Chocolate Cake Necklace Scented Rose French Macaroon Necklace
Smells like: Sweet strawberry and chocolate cupcakes Smells like: Chocolate cake Smells Like: Sweet rose petals and vanilla cream
Scented Heart Cookie with Sprinkles Necklace Scented Chocolate Covered Strawberry Necklace Scented Cake Pop Necklace
Smells like: Strawberry frosting Smells Like: Chocolate covered strawberries (really!) Smells like: Strawberry and chocolate cake
Scented Bomb Pop Necklace Scented Chocolate Cupcake Necklace Scented Chocolate Nut Donut Necklace
Smells like: Cherry Smells like: Decadent, creamy and rich chocolate Smells Like: Sweet dark chocolate icing and freshly baked donuts
Scented Vanilla Ice-Cream Necklace Scented Watermelon Necklace Scented Very Berry Strawberry Ice-Cream Necklace
Smells Like: Vanilla ice-cream

Smells like: Juice summer watermelon Smells like: Strawberry ice-cream
Scented Red Velvet Cupcake Necklace
Smells like: Red Velvet